“1972: The Best Ever Trip.”

r-cricket-outta-compton-large570-scaled500The best ever Trip so they said!
The GPD Cricket Club went to Melbourne that year by train, plane and bus.
One got left behind but was recaptured by the bus.
Someone went to sleep in the train’s toilet and another relieved himself into Warren Pietsch’s Esky. A bit like Porky and the Milk.
They arrived in Melbourne and were welcomed by Charlie Rixon, the Victorian Government Printer.
The afternoon was a free time and at night they gathered at the North Melbourne Footy Club for a highly successful Cabaret.
Let’s Not talk about the Cricket.
Sunday was a wipeout for the Croweaters with the Vics. racking up a score of 182. J. Swanson topscored with 100 not out. Big Reg Handke took 3/75 for South Oz.
In reply, we could only muster 131 with Adrian Chennell getting a creditable 36 runs. D. Stewart took 3/34 for the Vics.
And you guessed it! Ron Hamence and Merv “Nobby” Clark were not amused!
The Vics. hadn’t won for some four years and so we gobbled up as many snags as possible at their after match Barby.
On the Monday we travelled via Dandenong Road to Springvale, then Frankston and stopped for Lunch at Somerville.
Coming home was a sad affair but we cheered up thinking about the next trip!
Who split his trousers on the Bus Trip – buses are very unstable you know.
Who tried to have a shave using Colgate Toothpaste?
Who fell from the stage on the night of the Cabaret, struck a chair on the way down and hit the floor still clutching a Full glass of beer?
Who was the biggest Romeo of the whole Trip?
Who dropped a vital catch and felt very terrible about it?