The Man at the Window.


Image: The Adveriser, Adelaide, South Australia taken in 1956.
Dear Brother Parham,
Stolen Biro and the Bulldog here from the Badlands.
We have found a picture of the Old City Baths in King William Road, Adelaide.
The picture was taken (we believe) around 1956, with lots of young nubile boys jumping into the water and cavorting together in the pool.
Next door you can see the Old Guv Printing Office, as plain as day.
But when you look up at the top floor Rodney, their appears to be a face at the window.
Is it a woman, man or beast or a figment of our imagination?
Can you help us?
Stolen Biro and Bulldog.

4 thoughts on “The Man at the Window.

  1. Alan Davis wrote:
    Hey Rod

    I think the person at the window is an old Gov Bookbinder by the name of Edgar (aka Pete) Lawrence. He was a close friend of my dad’s family and he often mentioned where he worked he had a good view of the City Baths. In fact he watched Dawn Fraser training for the Olympics when she stayed in Adelaide.

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    1. Alan,
      You could we’ll be right. I received information from Ron Fuss that Harry Gallagher who trained Dawn Fraser took over running the City Baths in the 1950s. Dawn Fraser trained in the City Baths before the 1956 Olympics. Thanks Mate.


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