Britain’s Convict Prison Hulks.

[Prison hulk loading], Samuel Atkins, 1787–1808, watercolour.  Rex Nan Kivell Collection, National Library of Australia: an5601463 In the 21st century we are accustomed to thinking of imprisonment as one of the more obvious forms of punishment for convicted criminals. This was not so in the past. The industrial revolution, social change and war caused great … Continue reading Britain’s Convict Prison Hulks.

Deadline USA with Humphrey Bogart 1952.

 Here Bogey is talking to a Stone Hand in the Comp Room about what explosive content to sub into the final page. DEADLINE USA (1952): Is the best crime movie I’ve seen about the newspaper industry as well as being an exciting and gripping yarn. The movie features Humphrey Bogart, Ethel Barrymore and Kim Hunter, … Continue reading Deadline USA with Humphrey Bogart 1952.

The ‘Peaky Blinders’ of Birmingham.

Records of the gang members and their crimes are preserved in Sparkhill's West Midlands Police Museum. The dank, slum streets of Birmingham are ruled by gangs made up of hundreds of youths armed with knives, razor blades and hammers. Murders are rife. Robberies, thefts and riots are a daily occurrence at the hands of young … Continue reading The ‘Peaky Blinders’ of Birmingham.

Adelaide: City of Churches, Wowsers & Sly Grog

Header image:  Three men enjoy a drink outside an hotel (1926), via State Library of South Australia B 59771/8 Nearly a century before lockouts had Hindley Street partygoers fuming, South Australia’s restrictive liquor laws were earning us an unfortunate reputation as the home of the Wowser. Famously overturned by the Dunstan Government in 1967, restrictions … Continue reading Adelaide: City of Churches, Wowsers & Sly Grog

William Stanley Moore, Criminal.

Special Photograph no. 1399. this picture appears in the Photo Supplement to the New South Wales Police Gazette, 28 July, 1926. Captioned: "Opium dealer. Operates with large quantities of faked opium and cocaine. A wharf labourer, who associates with water front thieves and drug traders.'

Ned Kelly and his Gang’s Last Stand, Glenrowan, Victoria.

A letter written by an eyewitness to the Ned Kelly gang’s last stand at Glenrowan on June 18th, 1880, has been donated to the State Library of Victoria. Donald Gray Sutherland had left Scotland for Australia four years earlier. He got a job as a clerk at the Bank of Victoria in the town of … Continue reading Ned Kelly and his Gang’s Last Stand, Glenrowan, Victoria.