The Nautical History of Tattoos.

Traditional tattoo designs, like anchors, swallows, and nautical stars, are popping up on the arms and ankles of kids in every hip neighborhood from Brooklyn to Berlin, Sao Paulo to San Francisco. Yet these young land lubbers probably don’t even know the difference between a schooner and a ship, much less where the term “groggy” … Continue reading The Nautical History of Tattoos.

Remmelin’s Anatomical ‘Flap’ Book.

This volume is a rare edition in Dutch of the greatest of the anatomical ‘flap’ books. The work features three full-page plates with dozens of detailed anatomical illustrations superimposed so that lifting the layers shows the anatomy as it would appear during dissection. Although flaps had been used in printing before, Remmelin was the first … Continue reading Remmelin’s Anatomical ‘Flap’ Book.

Paolo Mascagni’s Exploded Torso.

Illustration of human viscera by Paulo Mascagni, from his Anatomia Universa (1823-31) - Source: Wellcome Library, London. Paolo Mascagni (January 25, 1755 – October 19, 1815) was an Italian physician and anatomist. He is most well known for publishing the first complete description of the lymphatic system. Mascagni was born in the comune of Pomarance … Continue reading Paolo Mascagni’s Exploded Torso.

Your Blood type is more complicated than you think.

Not long ago, a precious packet of blood traveled more than 7,000 miles by special courier, from America to Australia, to save the life of a newborn. Months before the delivery date, a routine checkup of the mom-to-be had revealed that the fetus suffered from hemolytic disease. Doctors knew that the baby would need a … Continue reading Your Blood type is more complicated than you think.

White Evangelicals – go Naked in Virginia.

The United States was divided over the election of Donald Trump, yet 80% of white evangelicals voted for him. Cyril Abad focused on a number of these evangelical congregations and their original approaches to religious worship. This is a small Christian community who decided to live in the middle of a forest in Virginia, far … Continue reading White Evangelicals – go Naked in Virginia.

Body Painted & Bubbled.

A model poses for a picture during the World Body painting Festival 2015, held in Poertschach am Woerthersee, Austria, 2015.  Image Credit: Photograph by Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images An acrobat performs during the opening ceremony of the 2015 Pan Am Games held in Toronto, Canada. Image Credit: Photograph by Felipe Dana/AP. via World Body painting Festival … Continue reading Body Painted & Bubbled.